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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2017 2:09pm-2:16pm EDT

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>> this week, the senate could vote on republican health care bill. john mccain has announced that the bill does not have his support yet. he does not think utah senator mike lee is supporting it either. bill. on the sundays -- sunday shows today, one of the lead sponsors says he rings there is a chance while mainel pass senators uncommitted expressed doubt about supporting the measure. >> when you look at the bill, we save a lot of money of her time for medicaid, we put a cap on obamacare growth to make a more sustainable and affordable and flexible.
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i think the associated health land married up with the bill changes health care. forward and we will see what happens next. i'm excited about it. we finally found an alternative to obamacare that make sense to take the money out of washington because of you keep replicating obamacare even the state level, you will get the same outcome. flexibility and innovation is where we are. >> where are you? yes or no? >> it is difficult for me to envision a scenario where i would end up voting for the bill. i have a number of serious reservations about it. i am concerned about the impact to the medicaid program, which provides health care to our most potable citizens including
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disabled children. i'm concerned about the coverage. we already have a problem under the affordable care act. i'm very concerned about the erosion of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. >> is that a no? , as is mym doing is general practice, is that i would like to see the congressional legend office analysis, which is expected to come out tomorrow morning, and i'm more at about whether the cbo has been given enough time to thoroughly analyze the bill which has been a moving target, even over the weekend. the sponsors of the bill are
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still changing the formula. it may be difficult for cbo to do the in-depth announcements it usually does, but that is what i see before making a final decision. thought he might be coming around on the matter. senator paul was asked about that on meet the press. >> are you going to come down? senator paul: i have always been a yes for repeal but the bill keeps the obamacare>> are you g? spending and , flock granting to the state. i do not think that makes it go away. it means you are keeping all the money we have said through obamacare, taking money from democrat states and giving it to republican states. perpetual a bit --
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food site formula. it is a bad idea. however, if we narrow the focus, giving governors moreit is a ba, out-of-control entitlement spending, i would before that. to me that is affirmative that i to keep obamacare. >> there is no room for you to move. >> i would vote to block grants at pre-obama levels. in 2009, it would have been a yes. after a double to spend now all the entitlement programs, a $700 billion deficit this year, we cannot just keep tammy on the money. are for appealing obamacare.
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committeeate finance holds a hearing monday on the latest republican plan to repeal the horrible care act. the two lead sponsors of the bill, senators lizzie -- lindsey graham and bill cassidy are scheduled to testify. live coverage monday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> tonight and afterwards, new york times magazine contributor on her travels abroad in her "an american abroad in a post-american abroad world". >> there is the question of are we exceptional. this is a form of propaganda. why had i not thought where was his concept coming from? what was the job it was doing for individual americans. one thing i was realizing that took a long time to realize is
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when we talked about foreign countries, it has been determined for a long time. we looked at countries in the east. you on its own terms? >> watch afterwards at 9:00 p.m. on c-span two's book tv. >> on wednesday, former president obama spoke of combating poverty and disease events at them with the loma linda gaetz to discuss the role of global institutions and its challenges. this is 45 minutes.


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